It’s Happening in the Cape!

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As a property boom is transforming once-neglected suburbs in Cape Town into trendy living spaces, the Mother City is becoming a prime destination for holidaymakers and residents alike. In the past 15 years the population grew by at least 40%, and according to The Times, the Western Cape’s overall population is projected to be as

5 Typical Problems with Expansion Joint Covers

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Expansion joints are vital to prevent damage to buildings caused by building movement, and their covers are what make these joints integrate with the building in a seamless way. They are just as necessary as the joints themselves! The most common problems with these covers are: Warping An expansion joint cover generally only warps because

Three Construction Trends to Watch Out For

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Although the construction industry has traditionally been reluctant to innovate, the last decade has brought about a tech revolution that is now gaining momentum. Here are three innovations that are taking the industry by storm: Construction Drones These days so many people buy drones for recreation that it’s become a mainstream item. In construction, drones

Four Totally Realistic Ways to Make a Difference

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We all know that even the most heartfelt New Year’s resolutions usually only last a couple of weeks into the year. Why not make some true-to-life changes that are practical and achievable? Here’s how: It Starts at Home Many of us feel that to make a difference we are meant to go out into the

Where Do You Stand After The Storm?

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In recent weeks our beautiful KZN was ravaged by a massive storm, and we’re not the only ones! We’ve all seen the hurricanes hitting the US on the news, and Joburg had a massive storm just a few weeks before we were brought to our knees with wild winds and torrential rain. Cars were washed

Cause of the N3 Bedfordview Bridge Collapse

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You've probably already heard about the N3 bridge collapse that happened in Bedfordview on the 9th of August, but have you considered why? While it still may be unclear as to what caused the N3 bridge collapse, there has been some speculation about vandalism, illegal mining activity or natural causes. Built in 1978, the bridge

The Thrills of the Kamberg MTB Classic

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Having earned a reputation as one of the best mountain biking races on South Africa’s calendar, the Kamberg Classic stretches 65km with a mix of jeep tracks, forest trails, farm roads and close to 20km of a superb single track. However, the thing that truly makes this a special MTB ride is the fact that

Zimbali Lakes Gets the Green Light

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Dubai-based company, IFA Hotels and Resorts, recently announced that the green light has been given to go ahead with the construction of the multibillion-rand Zimbali Lakes Resort, which looks to create an out-of-this-world residential resort, retail environment and office park in Ballito. The news comes after the end of a seven-year legal battle with the