As a property boom is transforming once-neglected suburbs in Cape Town into trendy living spaces, the Mother City is becoming a prime destination for holidaymakers and residents alike. In the past 15 years the population grew by at least 40%, and according to The Times, the Western Cape’s overall population is projected to be as much as 7.36 million by 2040.

Accommodating an exploding population

To meet the growing needs of this influx of people, the city is taking its infrastructure development to the next level. Back in 2016 a sum of R800 million was already committed towards improving the city’s health infrastructure over the following three years – and Cape Town is one of the few cities in South Africa with a working public transport system! Even in the face of the water crisis, Cape Town stepped up and managed to avert complete disaster.

What about construction in the Cape?

Urban and rural development in the Cape is in full swing. In 2017, over R8 billion was earmarked for city centre development over the following four years, and the overall value of property throughout the Western Cape is flourishing. Multi-use properties developed for billions are shooting up and we are also seeing drastic increases in commercial developments, hotel constructions and refurbishments, not to mention massive residential development. This has a knock-on effect on job creation and is ultimately bolstering the economy. By expanding our operation to the Cape, BRA is excited to be taking part in this exciting growth. If you are in the Cape area, pop in for a cuppa. We’d love to meet you and talk about any construction needs you may have.