Expansion joints are vital to prevent damage to buildings caused by building movement, and their covers are what make these joints integrate with the building in a seamless way. They are just as necessary as the joints themselves! The most common problems with these covers are:


An expansion joint cover generally only warps because of excessive point loading. The cover could start warping when a standard duty model was used where a heavy duty model is more suitable.


The finishes on the cover start cracking when the building movement exceeded what was expected. Talk to industry experts when selecting expansion joint covers to ensure that the specified joint will be able to cope with the anticipated building movement.

Becoming a tripping hazard

When the blockout has not been properly created and the expansion joint cover has been improperly installed, or if it has been damaged from excessive movement, expansion joint covers can start protruding from the floor and cause people to trip.

Excessive Noise

BRA is experienced with expansion joint covers and can assist with any questions or concerns regarding your existing joint covers, or provide advice for future installations. Please get in touch, we’d love to share our knowledge.

Leaking Water

Poor blockout conditions and water leaking through the adjacent concrete could cause the joint covers to leak. It could also be because the moisture barrier has not been properly installed.

At BRA we have vast experience with expansion joint covers. We are here to assist with any concerns about your existing covers or to help with new installations. Contact us.