We all know that even the most heartfelt New Year’s resolutions usually only last a couple of weeks into the year. Why not make some true-to-life changes that are practical and achievable? Here’s how:

It Starts at Home

Many of us feel that to make a difference we are meant to go out into the world to make a difference, and we don’t realise that compassion is not just for strangers. Take some time to explore your immediate family’s needs. Take an elderly family member shopping or spoil someone going through a hard time with a thoughtful gift, or even better, the gift of spending time with them.

Choose Wisely

As a consumer, your decisions form part of how the commerce world is shaped. When you buy a product, you are essentially saying ‘yes’ to its manufacturer and the impact the production process has on the world. Being a wise consumer involves making wise decisions. Figure out what is important to you and buy compatible products. This could mean supporting local businesses or buying products that are recyclable.

Spend Smart

With the global economic downturn, words and phrases like foreclosures, national debt and market declines are becoming buzzwords. Avoid being part of the problem by paying off your personal debt. Imagine what would happen if most of the people in our country start proactively taking responsibility for their personal finances. Remember the Tanzanian proverb: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

Be Nice

With modern-day responsibilities and the challenges that come with it weighing us down it’s not always easy to be nice. Start by making a conscious decision to be nice, and then do nice things. Be considerate, take a deep breath before responding to a stressful situation – and finally, smile at people. 🙂