In recent weeks our beautiful KZN was ravaged by a massive storm, and we’re not the only ones! We’ve all seen the hurricanes hitting the US on the news, and Joburg had a massive storm just a few weeks before we were brought to our knees with wild winds and torrential rain. Cars were washed down roads, hospitals and schools were affected, several buildings lost their roofs or collapsed, and many lives were tragically lost.

“There are some things you can only learn in a storm” – Joel Osteen
While the storm could not have been prevented, the damages suffered by buildings, and to people because of buildings, could have been avoided or reduced. By using top quality building products and the expertise of industry specialists to build quality structures, storms can be weathered with low or no damage. Sub-standard construction materials not only compromise the integrity of a building, but also put lives at risk. It is vital that you don’t settle for second best when it comes to construction. Your life could depend on it!

Where has the storm left you?
If your buildings sustained damage that hasn’t been repaired yet, or if you’d like to improve your building’s structural integrity in case of future storms, give us a call to discuss your needs – our experts know exactly what to do.

Whether you are still recovering, or want to prevent future damage, talk to us.