Because there are more rhinos in South Africa than anywhere else in the world, it’s an incredibly important country when it comes to rhino conservation. These iconic animals are the rarest and most threatened of the famous Big 5 – one of South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. They are known and loved by people across the globe.

An Integral Part of the Ecosystem

Besides being a tourist attraction rhinos also play an important role in the ecosystem of their habitat. They are mega-herbivores and are responsible for shaping the landscape so that indigenous vegetation can thrive. They also perform a range of other important functions that protect other animal species. Rhinos help fertilise soil, they dig wallows that become bathing holes for other animals, and they excavate minerals from the soil that help other animals who can’t dig but need the minerals. Sadly, they are under massive threat.

Imagine the Devastating Day the Big 5 Becomes the Big 4…

In just a decade over 7,200 African rhinos were lost to poachers. The statistics are shocking – around three rhinos were killed every day during 2016! The rhino poaching crisis has long reached epidemic proportions and the losses are extremely high – especially in South Africa. The only way that