This legendary 9-day race took cyclists on an incredible journey which was 99.5% off-road! With only about 10 km of tar along the entire 900 km, the riders took on dusty rural roads and spectacular sugarcane fields with exhilaration. For all these adventurous riders, the journey was more important than the destination.

A Chilled Start

The race started at Karan Beef with a chilled first few kilometres thanks to the crisp morning air. Spirits were high, despite still having close to 900 km on the horizon. The first water stop was well received just past the 26 km mark, and hailed the start of the next leg towards the Vaal Dam along quiet farm roads – a trend that continued for quite some time. Riders were relieved to find that there was not much climbing on day 1… but this all soon changed.

It was Tough! (But Extremely Rewarding)

Day 2 is when things started getting tougher… Luckily, protein levels were high, thanks to the steaks of the previous night. This was the day riders learned what the Joberg2C is all about – being in the middle of nowhere, just you, your bike and others like you, working your way to the next breath-taking section of riding.

By day 3 riders started realising that South Africa’s longest mountain bike race is not a ride in the park. From this point on they were subjected to a thrilling mixture of bone-rattling rural roads, smoother country lanes and steep inclines that severely tested the limits of their endurance. And as they were experiencing all of this, and more, the breathtaking scenery and sensational sense of achievement made it all worth it.

A Jubilant Finish

Riders took on the 9th day of the 9th JoBerg2C with excellent attitudes by dressing up for the occasion. There were cow outfits, pyjamas, oversized glasses, tutus and irish hats, to mention but a few. This final stage was clearly not so much about racing as it was about celebrating an excellent race. Smiles, laughter, massive sighs of relief and joy were only some of the emotions evident on tired faces at the finish line in Scottburgh along the KZN South Coast. Congratulations to the BRA team Peter Lowry and Phillip Marais, who finished in 39th place. Well done guys!