When selecting a supplier for protective wear, there are several things to consider. It is a massive industry with suppliers from across the globe offering cut-rate prices and free shipping. But is it worth getting the cheapest option? While pricing is of the main aspects to think about, let’s look at a few other things to consider.

You get What You Pay for

We all know that paying R100 for a pair of shoes is too good to be true. The cheaper the product is, the less likely it is to be durable. There is also a more important associated cost: the price you pay for failed safety. By buying cheap safety wear, you may be compromising safety and risking injury.


When you are exploring suppliers, make sure you consider the quality of the products in their catalogue. Just like you would be more inclined to trust Nike or Adidas when you buy running shoes, there are reputable safety wear suppliers known for stocking products certified by manufacturing and safety bodies. Don’t be shy to ask potential suppliers to supply you with documentation to back this up.

Service With a Smile

A good supplier should have knowledgeable and well-trained employees who make the purchasing process comfortable. If you start out with poor service while you are getting ready to spend money, imagine what would happen once you’ve already handed it over? This should be an important variable in selecting your supplier.

Location is Not Just for Real Estate

Think twice about shopping abroad. Getting good service from a company overseas can be challenging. When you are in a different time zone you may need to wait for service – or even rely on getting service outside of working hours. It is also not usually a great idea to rely on foreign service when you need a quick turnaround time. Why not support the local manufacturing sector, which in turns helps locals to make a livelihood. After all, ‘Local is Lekker!’

At Brian Roberts Agencies we believe that every customer should have the best possible experience. We not only pride ourselves in top-notch service, but also in affiliating ourselves with quality suppliers we can trust to give our customers exactly what they deserve – only the best.